"LIFE GEEK" (Collection of New Media Art Class)aims to attract the world's best scientific and artistic creative talents, converge technology and art, research and practice, thinking and creation, together to establish a platform for cross boundary communication and cooperation. Here, we will provide professional academic guidance, roving exhibition stage and business incubation opportunities. This is not just a competition, but also to create a creative atmosphere about digital culture!
"LIFE GEEK" (Collection of New Media Art Class) is a new media art class in the five types of “Think Youth”events (game, business, new media art, short video and comprehensive). The 3rd Think Youth—Shanghai International Digital Creation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is hosted by Shanghai Education Health Working Committee, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission,USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry(ICCI). The new media art class is organized by MANA New Media Art Platform, Chronus Art Center provides academic support, and Tencent is a strategic partner.
Over 220 works were submitted from numerous countries and regions including US, France, Australia, Japan, Denmark, etc. The page views of its official website and votes in its wechat account reached over 200, 000.

  • The Best Creative Award (One Piece)

    (Award cups, the highest available $5000 bonus)

  • The Highest Popularity Award (One Piece)

    (Award cups, the highest available $2000 bonus)

  • Single Award (Eight Pieces)

    (Award cups, the highest available $1000 bonus)

  • Excellence Award (Several)

    (Certificate of honor)

Awards Instructions

We set up the Best Creative Award (One Piece), the Highest Popularity Award (One Piece), Single Award (Eight Pieces) and several Excellence Award,we will issue ward cups and certificate of honor.


All the finalists can enjoy the welfare courses of USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry(ICCI). For some of the promising works, we will attract venture capital and enterprises to participate in the competition activities and promote the commercialization and commercialization of the entries.


If the works are excellent, MANA New Media Art Platform will also plan a special New Media Exhibition for the artists in the final competition to comb the creative state of the young artists in this competition. In addition, the sponsor and curator will also hold a series of activities during the competition to establish communication between artists, artists and critics. Invite curators, referees, judges and artists to participate in thematic forums and sharing sessions to explore new media art language.


Competition Time

Collection Works Due Date  August 5th 2018 (Beijing Time)

Review of Rematch August 5th~September 5th

Final List September 5th

Award Showcase September 17th

Collection Object


Undergraduate, master or PhD students who have been studying at domestic and overseas
universities have left school but still insist on graduates with artistic creation as their profession;


Foreign students studying in domestic universities include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan;


The age of the artist was born after 1980.

You can sign up individually or in teams,nationality, age, year,class and specialty are not limited.

In principle, this competition does not strictly limit the age, nationality and qualifications of the artist,

but requires an artist to have a good talent for art, a clear sense of self, asystematic art training, and a sincere artistic attitude.

Entry Requirements


All contestants or teams need to upload videos of works
within 5 minutes on MANA ( website;


The discrimination rate is not less than 1280*720 pixels, output in MP4 format;


Detailed work titles and works within 500 words are required;


Other materials will be notified when the time of submission of other materials.

Submission Category


Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Use science and technology to break the limitations of the body, create

unlimited possibilities, and complete the exchange of equilibrium

between real and virtual worlds.


Digital Sandbox

Combine dynamic image with solid model, and realize various display forms

and  the possibility of human-computer interaction.


Interactive Projection (3D Mapping)

Using 3D projection technology, the image is presented in a digital form to the

projection interface, prompting the viewer to see the future of digital

technology in the traction of the artist.


Power Device

Through the integration of mechanical and remote interaction and other means of

expression, the device and the environment are induced and interactive. and

presentation of works is also the interaction between artificial products and

the natural environment.


Physical Model

Break through the limitation of medium material, carries some imagine and looks

forward to the representation of the carrier. It is also the comprehensive

present of creators, creation ideas, and innovative explorations.


Motion Picture

"Dynamic" not only refers to the way of image presentation, but also points to a

dynamic way of image creation and communication, which enriches and deepens the

creation concept and form of works with the help of data technology.


Data Visualization

Self-expression can be completed in the harmony between data and reality.


Immersive Space

In the process of creation, combine sound, light, electricity and other media to

create the dislocation between the future situation and the present reality and

sense the immersion in perceived space.

Competition judges

The Judges

  • Hu Jieming

    Pioneer of Chinese digital media and video recording devices

  • Fito Segrera

    The director, artist, and the technical expert of Chronus Art Center

  • Fei Jun

    The professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts digital media studio,director,