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The 2nd Think Youth Shanghai International Digital Creation, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Contest, hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), aims to promote the growth of Shanghai’s digital cultural and creative industry, enhance its development by a digital culture-oriented vision, as well as foster talents for the cultural and creative related industry.

USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry (ICCI), jointly established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and University of Southern California (USC), is the host institute of the contest. Empowered by rich cultural heritages of Shanghai and strong academic and industrial realm support, ICCI aims at leading international collaboration in the field of cultural and creative industry

ICCI invites all creative talents worldwide to join us in this creation feast in which you can unleash your wildest imagination, share your creation with the international community and have the exciting opportunity of turning ideas into realities. We welcome any forms of creative work including your daily course projects, Capstone Design Projects and any other creative projects in areas of design, architecture, art, media, film and television, business, etc. It will be greatly appreciated if you could help promote the contest in related departments of your honored university. We firmly believe that this competition will inspire students through cross-cultural communication and further foster their global vision.

Organizer: USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry

Co-organizer: MANA,Academy support: Chronus Art Center (CAC)

  • Initial Selection

    Mar.18st – Oct.18st, 2017

    All the candidate programs must be submitted online.

  • Refining

    Oct.18st – Nov.30st, 2017

    Online professional assistance provided by committee and perfection of selected programs in summer camp. All the refined programs must be submitted online.

  • Competition

    Nov.30st – Dec.20th, 2017

    Roadshows conducted in cooperation with enterprises and governments and online voting by the public. Then, the winning programs’ exhibition in Shanghai displayed globally.

  • Display

    After the Competition

    A few will be recommended to relevant enterprises or investment institutions.

Awards Setting
  • 最高创意奖

    (Best Creative Award)


  • 最高人气奖

    (The Highest Popularity Award)


  • 交互类奖

    Interactive Award


  • 装置/物理模型奖

    (Device / Physical Model Award)


  • 增强现实/虚拟现实奖

    (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Award)


  • 动态影像奖

    Motion Picture Award


The team who acquired excellent award could have a chance to attend the Creative Summer Camp in China, be recommended to the Shanghai Design Week Exhibition, or receive financing opportunities, or could enjoy a lunch break with bosses from China top fund companies privately

How to Enter
Target Participants:

(1)No more than 36 years old;

(2)People at home or abroad;

(3)Participants can join the competition as individuals or groups;

(4)Programs must be presented in English or bilingually (English-Chinese).

Requirement :

(1)Every participant and team needs to upload a video to display their works within the following requirements: a video within five minutes; a resolution is no less than 1280*720 pixels; an introduction of works within 500 words. (The submission time of other forms will be informed after the initial selection.)

(2)Participants should strictly abide by the national provisions on intellectual property protection. Any dispute in connection with intellectual property protection shall be undertaken by participants themselves.

Programme types:

Interactive Moving images Web-based interactivity AR/VR 3D/sculpture/installation Data-visualisation

Online Literature Games Software and Apps Digital Devices Others

  • Ouchul HWANG

    Visiting Professor, USC-SJTU Institute
    of Cultural and Creative Industry

  • Jack Jia

    DoBe Group

  • Fito Segrera


  • 何根祥


  • 姜进章



Organized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Held by Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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